iCloud Locked

Is it possible to remove an iCloud lock if you don't know the Apple ID and Password used to lock it?

No. The ONLY way to remove an iCloud lock is with the Apple ID and Password that were used to lock it. 

If you don't know the original Apple ID and/or Password used to lock the phone you will never be able to remove the iCloud lock. 


Have You Been Searching these Keywords on Google?

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Been there, done that.

We've searched 'icloud lock removal' and all the above keywords countless times looking for the secret to removing an iCloud lock.

We're the owners of a company that repairs iPhones. A day doesn't go by that we don't meet someone desperate to have us unlock their iCloud locked iPhone. The most common story is they forgot their iCloud password or Apple ID (or both) and can't use their iPhone.

We always politely tell them that we can't remove their iCloud lock.

An iCloud locked iPhone is not a phone.

If you're locked out of your iPhone because you can't remember your Apple ID or password then we're afraid your expensive iPhone is now just a pretty paperweight.

We always thought there had to be a way to remove an iCloud lock
and get these locked iPhones back in service.

No one could remove an iCloud lock.

Over the past several months we have invested (wasted?) over a thousand dollars in bogus fees paid to so-called "guaranteed iCloud removal" services. Not one, nobody, could remove an iCloud lock. Many of these scammers are on this list.

We have now come to a final conclusion:
There are hundreds of iCloud internet scammers who make huge incomes with false iCloud removal promises. They show up on every Google search - on every organic listing, on every Google page. These crooks also advertise on Google's paid ads (AdWords). Don't Trust Them! Most of the scammers on this list are also all over Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram Etc.

The Most Popular iCloud Lock Removal Scams


There are a lot of variations of this scam out there and they're all bad. The story goes that several years ago two geniuses invented a software program (they named duolci) that could remotely access Apple's iCloud servers and remove or bypass your iCloud lock. All you had to do was download their duolci software. We tried this more than once and all we got was a ton of spam and spyware on our computer. Don't even try it.

BTW, duolci is iCloud spelled backwards (real clever huh?).

Apple Insiders

This is the old "We have people inside Apple who have access to Apple's servers and they will remove your iCloud lock" scam. They don't and they can't.

Think about that:  Would a company with Apple's technological abilities and hiring practices (which must be insanely stringent) give shady lowlife's unfettered access to all their iCloud servers and accounts? That is preposterous. We're embarrassed to admit we were so desperate that we tried it more than once!

TIP: If you come across an iCloud removal site that has a picture of an Apple genius in an Apple logo shirt, it's a scam. If you ever see the words "Apple Authorized" or "Apple Approved" it's a scam.

Watch Out For These Words - "Donate" "Credits" "Free"

Donate: Any iCloud removal site that asks for a donation and not a payment is a scam. Scammers do this to stay in the good graces with PayPal. PayPal, like all merchant processing services, will terminate your account if you have too many refund requests.

These scammers discovered that if they ask for donations, not a purchase, PayPal will not assist buyers in a refund. PayPal will only refund a purchase. Never click a donate button on an iCloud removal website.

Credits: This is another popular payment scam. If a website's price list is in credits, not dollars, it's a scam. This is another way for these scoundrels to get around PayPal's buyer protection refund policy. 

How it works:  Before making a purchase you must first buy 'credits.' You purchase credits ($100 = 100 credits etc.) and then you place your order and check out.

Keep in mind you actually paid with credits not dollars. Since you did not actually purchase the scammer's iCloud removal service directly through PayPal on checkout you're not covered by PayPal's purchase protection and therefore not eligible for a refund.

FREE: This is common sense. Anyone who has a proven method to remove an iCloud lock could make a lot of money and would never offer it for free. These are spam and spyware downloads - AVOID THEM!

There are hundreds of scammers out there who say they can remove an iCloud lock. These snake oil salesmen all have one thing in common: They're lying to you. We know that's hard to believe but it's the honest truth.


The only way to remove an iCould lock, and have full use of your iPhone, is to know the Apple ID and Password that were used to lock it.

There are hundreds of dishonest iCloud removal websites who claim they can remove your lock - they can't. Don't waste your time or money searching for an iCloud unlocker. We already tried that and it was no fun!

Here's Our List of Proven iCloud Scammers

The Above Experience Gave Us An Idea

All these iCloud locked iPhones are made of valuable parts. We could help these unhappy people out and buy their iCloud locked iPhone.

After a few months of working on the details and finding legitimate iPhone parts buyers we launched our iCloud Locked iPhone buyback website.

So now you can at least get something for your expensive paper weight.

We'll buy your iCloud locked iPhone at a great price!

We Hope This Information Was Helpful!